About Me

Hello there, lovely of you to read my blog!

I am Bonnie, just your average girl next door who secretly wishes every day can be Halloween so she can wear too much blush all the time. I sometimes write blog posts as a hobby, but really I use this space as an excuse to continue my obsession with makeup and all things beauty related. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and do feel free to leave a comment. I aim to reply as many of you as possible!

I love appreciating all things beautiful, will you join me?

Contact me via beautifulappreciations@gmail.com


All opinions on this blog are entirely of my own. I will always give my personal and honest opinion about products. However, please do remember that these are merely my own opinions. If I recommend a product that works for me, I cannot guarantee that it will also work for you.

If I receive any products for review, I will clearly state any sponsorship in each post made. These sponsorships will not alter my opinions because I am honest with my readers. I will only review products that I feel are suitable for my blog and my readers.

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