January 2016 Cohorted Beauty Box Review

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Box price: £35 including free package & post

Products in box: 4 items worth £91

I always love trying new beauty brands and found Cohorted to be perfect as I am one to lust after high end products. I had only begun my subscription in December of 2015 as a Christmas gift for myself. I guess you can say I just decided to continue this monthly self-gift tradition as an excuse to keep getting more beauty boxes! I mean what girl wouldn’t want a surprise gift every month right?

This month Cohorted subscribers had experienced a delay in shipping and a missing booklet which has caused quite a stir. I wouldn’t say this was their best start to a new year but I am willing to look past that given they had sent out emails updating us subscribers and providing a 10% discount code – 10offer – for those who read my blog, you never know when I just might pop in a few codes here and there so do keep reading!


Lancome Le Corrector Pro Palette in 03 Bisque (full size) £29

I don’t usually go for the Lancome brand in terms of makeup other than its mascaras (which are absolutely amazing btw) so this was the most exciting product for me. This palette contains a corrector, a concealer and a powder to set the concealer all in place. It also comes with a duo-ended brush (not sponge applicator, but an actual brush!) all packed into a small compact palette with a large mirror. The Cohorted beauty booklet also included instructions with diagrams on how to use the palette. This palette is mainly for concealing the under eye area. The corrector has a rich cream texture whilst the concealer is a lighter cream. The corrector helps to neutralize the color of dark circles and the concealer helps to illuminate and even the eye contour. Finally, the powder can be used to slightly dust onto the concealed areas to prevent concealer from moving all day.

The coverage is quite good and the creamy consistency is smooth which are both thumbs up in my book. However, I personally don’t prefer using cream concealers on its own as I like to mix in liquid ones to make the coverage more natural. If I layered the product on too much I find it can look a bit cakey. Also, the corrector shade was actually too dark for me so I can only really use the concealer and powder parts.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.36.26 pm.png

Too Faced Soul Mates Blush Bronzer in Carrie & Big (full size) RRP £28

I always love Too Faced brand makeup especially since the UK only stocks a limited range in Debenhams. Named after Carrie & Biggs from Sex and the City, this blush and bronzer duo has the cutest packaging and name! The product itself is highly pigmented and of a buttery texture. I loved using it to give a beautiful sheen whilst warming up my complexion during this season.

This blush bronzer’s sister Ross & Rachel had actually been in Cohorted’s December box so I was a little bummed that there was a slight repeat product. Comparing the two, R&R is a little cooler toned with a more red/pink blush while C&B is warmer toned with an orange blush. If I were to choose between the two, I would have to say I think R&R suit my skin tone better. I may think about giving this one away to a friend but if I had not gotten R&R in the previous box, I would have surely kept this product all for myself!


Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb in Plump it Up Pink (full size) RRP £19

This lip injection from Too Faced claims to plump up the lips up to 20% (?), which I was quite skeptical about. When applied, the texture has a lipstick feeling but not as balmy and smooth as its Lip Crème lipsticks. After a few minutes you may feel a slight stinging sensation as it plumps the lips. I don’t absolutely love this feeling but I do really like the purple-ish pink color. To be honest, I don’t really care much about plumping up my lip size so I would just rather this be a normal lip crayon without the strange feeling. I suppose it’s always nice to try out something new for a change.


Cargo Lip Gloss Quad in Argentina (full size) £15

I don’t usually wear glosses especially during the winter months with the wind blowing my hair into my face, it really isn’t a pleasant scene. I never tried Cargo cosmetics so this was a nice intro. My quad contains shades that are darker with some purple nude ones. The glosses are quite sheen so I wouldn’t advice wearing them alone. I find they work best when applied on top of a matt lipstick. It helps to smooth out my lip lines and give a nice shiny topcoat as well. The one down side is that their packaging is not so great for on the go and they aren’t the most long-wearing glosses I’ve tried either.

My verdict

The overall value for the box was great considering all the products combined to be worth £91! Although I did not especially enjoy everything like I did in the December box, I really love how different Cohorted’s boxes are compared to other more well known ones. I already have quite a stash of free samples at hand so I’m not so interested in paying for samples. I love that everything in this box were full sizes and were all makeup products as well. I always find makeup to be much more exciting than a hand cream or body butter. I would say that Cohorted should try to swap brand products more often so its subscribers can experience more variety which is basically what we signed up for – right?

Overall, I think Cohorted box is perfect for those wanting to try more premium and high end brands without the huge pay check. In their sneak peak for February a Chanel product is included so I’m quite excited to see what’s in for next month!

-Appreciating all things beautiful

*This is not a sponsored post. Any sponsorship will be noted in every post made.

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